For a safe drive, it’s important to see clearly.
Our original wiper blades were specially designed for each model in the FCA Group. Conforming to the inclination of the windscreen and rear window, they clear away water, snow, pollen and dust, ensuring an optimal view at any driving speed and any weather condition.
Always keep an eye on your safety at the wheel by taking advantage of the seasonal check-ups by the Mopar® Service Network.


To always ensure visibility


Windscreen wiper arm: this part is generally made of metal and transfers the movement generated by the wiper motor to the windscreen wipers themselves

They represent the most established window wiper technology. This structure features 4 to a maximum of 8 pressure points, depending on the length of the blade. An elastic casing distributes the force generated by the arches to the rubber blade, maintaining a uniform pressure on the glass.


  • The safety of the most widespread window wiper technology

For those who only want the best in technology


New rubber blade with integrated spoiler
Perfectly aligned with the curvature of the windscreen

Increasingly widespread in the latest car models, they feature a rubber blade with integrated spoiler that perfectly matches the curvature of the windscreen. The precision of this line, along with air pressure, ensures the ideal load distribution throughout the surface of the windscreen.


  • More effective window wiping

For the safety of flawless vision


Effectively cleans off insects, grease and grime

A perfectly clear windscreen is key to your driving safety. The recommended Petronas Tutela Professional fluids for windscreen washer reservoirs were designed in partnership with the Fiat Chrysler group to clean and degrease any trace of insects, grease residue and grime. With anionic surfactants, they respect all body materials they come into contact with, such as painted, chromed parts, rubber and plastic parts..


  • Top notch windscreen cleanliness
  • Gentle with all body materials


Toujours utiliser des lames d’essuie-glace conventionnelles

More precise where you need it

The windscreen must always be perfectly clean, especially in the area in front of the driver. This performance can only be achieved if the window wiper arm, blade and windscreen are designed together. To ensure top visibility when driving, always choose our original blades: tailor-made for each model in the Fiat Chrysler group, they cater with precision to the windscreen design and the features of the window wiper arm.

Vérifiez les lames tous les six mois

Cleaning is hard!

Imagine having to clean the surface of 13 football fields during endless rain or in the snow. That’s hard, right? Well, that’s the work that your window wipers do in 6 months, during which, on average, they carry out 125 thousand wipes, before they start to wear. Their life is no better when they are at rest either, as they’re relentlessly exposed to heat, cold, dust and UV rays. Add a couple of checks every year to your schedule and never wait to replace them when you have to.

Prenez soin de vos essuie-glaces

Long live window wipers!

Window wiper blades that are well taken care of last longer, you just need a few tricks. Regularly clean the rubber blade, by wiping with a clean cloth moistened with a special detergent on both sides, lengthwise. Remember that ice damages rubber: remove it from the windscreen before operating the wipers. And always replace blades together: a difference in age makes them less effective over time.

Les lames de nouvelle génération améliorent le confort de conduite

Longer, safer

Over the past 30 years, windscreens evolved in shape and technology, becoming wider and more comfortable to ensure you have the best vision possible. Consequently, window wipers were redesigned, progressively increasing the size and complexity of their frame.

Air stagnant

Water streaks
These can be caused by damaged wiper blades, due to use and weather. Clean them with a cloth moistened with detergent and if no better, have them replaced at a local Approved Dealership.

Bruit de freinage

Noisy blades
Caused by the use of the wrong washer fluid, worn wiper blades, damaged arm, incorrect connector installation or the choice of a blade not designed for your car.

Pare-brise strié

Streaky windscreen
This puts your safety at risk as it can result in dangerously low visibility. It’s almost always caused by ruined wiper blades. Replace them as soon as possible with original Mopar parts.

Augmentation des distances de freinage

Areas not wiped
This could happen if the blades are not the right size or are deformed, the Flat Blade wiper does not have the ideal curvature for the windscreen, the connection between arm and blade is incorrect..

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