FIAT Histoire

Fiat Heritage
Designing cars to build the future.


Fiat Heritage

Designing cars to build the future.

More than 100 years on four wheels. Always on the move.

We started out back in 1899 with the 3½ HP, in the same years that saw the birth of the modern car manufacturing industry.

From then on, with our models, piston by piston, and one new idea after another, we have written the history of our brand and that of Italian and worldwide mobility. Today we can boast many highly prestigious results: 9 cars elected Car of the Year, partnerships with over 400 universities, an 11% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 15% increase in the use of renewable energy.

We believe in the future, and even more than that, in the passion of our ideas: we know that these are the true elements that move our tomorrows.

Core Values

FIAT - Authentique & Heureux

Genuine & Happy

Our spirit is simple and authentic, our cars are practical, but they also bring a little sunshine every day.

FIAT - Audacieux


That’s what we like to be. Thinking out of the box, being original, creative, ingenious and, at times, even a little irreverent.

FIAT - Élégant


We break the dress code with superior and unique style.

FIAT - Italien


Dedicated to everybody who appreciates beauty and is always ready for fun.